Italy with the kids!

It’s easy to be on holiday with children in Italy!

After all, here you get the world’s best pasta, pizza and ice cream! Italy has a long coast and with warm water and sunny days, most things are perfect for children to have a good time. If you are on holiday in, for example, Elba or Sardinia, make sure to buy a diving mask on the first day. Children are guaranteed to be busy looking for colorful fish for the rest of the holiday. When you are on holiday with children, it’s nice not to have to stay in a hotel. If you live in an apartment or holiday home, the children have more freedom and space to play. It is nice to be able to sit outside in a private garden or terrace on warm summer evenings, and perhaps enjoy a glass of local wine while the children are sleeping. All our resorts have a pool, and around the pool kids quickly find new friends.

“Farm holiday” on a vineyard or olive farm

An increasingly popular form of tourism in Italy is “agriturismo“. The term agriturismo means farm holiday, but in Italy domestic animals are usually replaced by olives and grapes. In other words, we are talking about vacationing on a vineyard or an olive grove. Here you can stay in apartments, and you will find everything from rustic apartments to luxury apartments. At an agriturismo you often have large and lush common areas, and they are located in the countryside in beautiful surroundings. Primatoscana offers accomodation at several such farms. See our selection of agriturismo.

Ferie på agriturismo

Tips and advice for the local area you are going to

Bicycle rentals are easy to find in several places in Italy, and you will find bicycles of all sizes. If you are holidaying in the area around Lucca, you can rent bicycles and cycle on the 4.2 km long city walls that surround Lucca city center. If you are in Tuscany on holiday, bring your children to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A popular feature, and it’s fun to take pictures where it looks like you are standing and supporting the tower with your hands. Children can also take part in the coastal path that runs between the five coastal towns that make up the Cinque Terre. Primatoscana provides tips and advice for the local area around the house or apartment you rent through us. Do not hesitate to contact us about activities for children around the place where you are going on holiday.

Family-loving Italians

Italians are family-loving, and children are always welcome in restaurants. In Italy, dinner is often eaten late and meals can take time. A good tip is to bring books, coloring pencils or crayons and games for the kids. Then they have something to do while the adults enjoy themselves.

Some amusement parks in Italy:

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