How to pay for your booking using card

You can use Mastercard or Visa when paying for your reservation. Payment is safe and easy. Read more about the Terms & Conditions.

When you book accommodation via Primatoscana and want to pay by card, inform us of thia via email: Before you pay, you must have received an order confirmation with information about the payment.

When it comes to travel insurance, which is valid in connection with the use of your card, you as the payer are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the conditions.

We do not charge a commission for use of any major credit or debit cards.

1. Fill out the stipulated price
2. Fill out the invoice number received from Primatoscana
3. Fill out your relevant booking information (dates, name of accommodation)

For payment – Complete the form below

  • Write the invoice number, eg. 12345
  • Please specify which reservation the payment is for
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.