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The Adriatic Coast

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If you fly to Venice, Rome or Bologna and want to holiday on the coast, the Adriatic coast is the natural choice. Italy has a long coastline towards the Adriatic Sea in the east, and with famous coastal cities from Venice in the north, Ravenna, Rimini, Ancona, Pescara, Bari and Brendisi in the south. The region of Puglia is located in southeastern Italy. The southern part, Salento, is the peninsula that forms the heel of the Italian “boot”.

Good food and drink during your holiday is no problem. The coastline crosses several exciting regions known for their good cuisine. Examples are the region Emiglia-Romagna, known for its Bolognese (pasta in meat sauce) and not least Parma ham and Parmesan. The Marche region is known for its seafood, stuffed olives, cheeses and pastas. The further south you go, the sweeter and more flavorful the tomatoes are. In Puglia you will not be disappointed with the ingredients. Although Naples is the place of origin of pizza, we have never tasted better pizza than in Puglia. Puglia is also known for its excellent extra virgin olive oil and their special pasta orecchiette. It is often made by hand from “le signore pugliesi”. Wherever you are along the Adriatic coast, you will find a large selection of good restaurants. When you have spent a long day at the beach, it’s not far to the nearest bar or cafe where you can relax in the afternoon with an aperol spritz.

If you want to do something apart from lying on the beach there is a lot to offer. You can travel a little inland and find winemakers, olive groves and charming villages. Or visit a quiet medieval village. If you want a combination of long sandy beaches and nightlife, the city of Rimini is recommended. The price level along the Adriatic coast is higher in the north than further south. In the coastal town of Pescara you get real value for money. The same goes for cities in the far south, like Bari. There are good train connections and we can recommend traveling by train on your holiday by the Adriatic.

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