Booking – Terms & Conditions

If a change in exchange rates causes the price of the euro to increase, Primatoscana AS reserves the right to post-invoice the difference in price.

Guidelines when booking accommodation

1. Primatoscana provides a non-binding reservation (also called option) for the accommodation for up to 3 days. It is possible to reserve several houses and apartments at the same time, and different dates. It is entirely possible to change the reservation and new deadlines we will then be set. The reservation is valid when written (email) has been sent from Primatoscana with confirmation that the reservation has been registered. Reservations are free of charge.

2. Once a reservation is confirmed, Primatoscana offers a 48-hour cancellation period. During this time, you can receive a full refund by written cancellation. After a 48-hour cancellation period, you are responsible for the total cost of renting the accommodation, and our cancellation policy applies.

3. When ordering, you will receive an order confirmation from Primatoscana, as well as an invoice for the deposit to be paid when ordering. The order confirmation is a contract of the tenancy between the owner of the property and the customer. Primatoscana acts as an intermediary. The order confirmation will contain useful information about the accommodation, as well as directions. It is the buyers responsibility to read carefully through the order confirmation, and familiarize oneself with the rules that apply to the establishment where you will stay. It is strongly encouraged to study the directions carefully, and that directions and telephone numbers to the establishment are brought along when traveling to Italy.

4. A booking is confirmed when Primatoscana has received, in writing by email, confirmation with the name of the responsible customer, number of adults and children, possible description of family composition, age of children, mobile phone numbers of at least 2 people in the party, and that the deposit for the rent has been paid. Alternatively, the full amount is paid if the booking is made less than 70 days before departure.

5. The responsible person is the one who places the order, and to whom all correspondence and invoices are addressed. When placing a reservation, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept the booking on behalf of the rest of the travel party.

6. If there are any changes after a confirmed order, we will do everything we can to accommodate such changes, but it will not always be possible. All changes will be subject to payment of an administration fee of NOK. 400.00, as well as any additional costs imposed by our suppliers. These costs apply to all changes made outside the 48-hour cancellation period. Any changes to the accommodation made 65 days before arrival can be treated as a cancellation and thus incur a 100% cancellation fee.

7. Proper travel insurance is important and we recommend that you check that the necessary insurance has been organised with the travel party before departure. Should you need to cancel the holiday, it will be possible to claim a cancellation fee back from the insurance company.

8. The properties have slightly different times when it comes to arrival and departure, but most are available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure. Tenants should notify the owner when they arrive. Feel free to call when you drive from the airport. If you arrive outside the arrival times stated on Primatoscana’s website, you can not expect to be received. In such cases, an agreement must be made directly with the owner as early as possible.

9. The property is booked only for the stated number of people. The number of people living on the property must not exceed the maximum accommodation specified in the property description. Please inform Primatoscana if there are changes in the party no later than 8 weeks before arrival.

10. A security deposit is required at most rental locations. You will be informed upon booking, what the sum of this deposit will be. The deposit is paid in cash in euros on arrival directly to the owner, and is refundable on return if no damage has occurred to the property or fixtures.

11. Any damage, noticed on the property, must be reported within 48 hours to the property owner or caretaker, while also informing Primatoscana.

12. The property must be left tidy by the occupants before departure. Garbage must be removed and the refrigerator emptied. Towels should be left on the bathroom floor and linen should be removed from the beds and placed on the bedroom floors. The kitchen needs to be cleaned.

13. The contact person (buyer) when booking will be responsible for any damage or damage caused to the property and fixtures. Damage, or special cleaning costs (if the property is returned in an unsatisfactory condition) will be deducted from the security deposit and / or an invoice will be sent for the amount.

14. Any forgotten items can be returned by post for a handling fee and postage.

15. The contact person when booking is responsible for the group as a whole. Should the travel party behave in a way that is not acceptable on the property, the owner / caretaker has the right to ask the tenant to vacate the place. In such cases, a refund or alternative accommodation will not be given.

16. Neither the landowner nor Primatoscana can be held responsible for any accidents, losses or damage that may occur to the tenant, members of his travel companion, or visitors they may have on the property. Including problems with planes or other transport that prevents the party from arriving at the holiday home or apartment.

17. Where the use of a swimming pool, tennis court or other facilities is included in the rental of the property, the property owners can not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries the tenant or other persons should invoke. Use of the pool is at your own risk. Children should be supervised at all times.

18. Pets are not allowed on any property unless this is stipulated and agreed in advance. At the end of the holiday, all traces from pets should be removed from houses and gardens. Customers are at all times responsible for the behavior of their pets, and must strive to ensure that there are no disturbances.

19. If damage or Force Majeure occurs to the property beyond the owner’s control (for example fire or flood damage) and this means that the property can not be rented out on the reserved dates, the customer will be refunded the money for the entire stay, but the customer will have no further claims against the owner or Primatoscana.

20. All information about the presentation of each property on Primatoscana’s website is given in good faith and is believed to be correct, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. We disclaim any responsibility for any changes made by the owners without our knowledge. We will notify customers of any changes to the property or surroundings as soon as we are made aware of them. Primatoscana also has regular and open communication with its partners.

21. Everything is done to ensure the standard described on our website for each property, and that the interior, furniture, etc. described and provided by the owner are in good condition. However, Primatoscana does not provide a warranty that triggers liability if any errors occur. In such cases, contact the owner / caretaker for repair or replacement as soon as possible.


Guidelines for complaints:
Primatoscana is committed to providing a high level of service to our customers. If you do not receive satisfactory service from us, please inform us. This will help us maintain our standard and ensure that you and other guests have a wonderful holiday.

How to register a complaint

If you encounter a problem with your accommodation, you must first inform the owner of the establishment where you are renting, so that they have an opportunity to correct any problems. If you feel that things are still unsatisfactory, your next call should be directed to Primatoscana. Our experience is that most problems can be solved while you are in Italy, so that your holiday can continue as planned. In cases where it is not possible to find a satisfactory solution, a written complaint must be made within 28 days of the return trip to Primatoscana.

What happens next?

You will receive a confirmation that we have received your complaint within 48 hours. Primatoscana is further obliged to respond to your complaint within a “reasonable time”, and we aim to give you an answer within 30 days at the latest.
Primatoscana will contact the owner of the establishment to obtain further information about the complaint and get their feedback before a final decision is made.
It is important that Primatoscana obtains views from everyone involved in the complaint, so that necessary measures can be taken to resolve the situation and ensure that the problem does not arise again.