Central Italy

Information About Central Italy


Located with a long coast on the Adriatic Sea. The largest city on the coast is Pescara.


The regional capital is Rome. The landscape is mostly characterized by hills. Long coastline facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The Colosseum is something everyone must see in their lifetime. The football teams Lazio and Roma have a common home arena. The Vatican is located in Rome and is the headquarters of the Pope.


This region is a very popular holiday area. Tuscany has several major interesting cities such as Florence, Siena and Lucca. The landscape is picturesquely beautiful with cypresses, olive groves and vines. It boasts wine regions such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montalcino.

The Sangiovese grape is the most common grape. The best white wines in Tuscany come from Vernaccia. Tuscany is a prosperous region.


Regional Capital is Ancona. To the east is the Adriatic Sea and to the west the Apennines. The area is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.


Regional capital is Perugia. The only region without a border connected to another country or sea. Francis of Assisi was born in Assisi, a mountain village in Umbria. This is a famous pilgrimage site and tourist attraction.
The region borders Tuscany.

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