Verona – ‘the littleRome’

Verona with its 260,000 inhabitants is located in northern Italy in the Veneto region. The river Adige is located near Verona and together with the mountains to the north it creates a beautiful setting around this exciting city. Verona has preserved its old buildings and fortress walls, but is still a modern city. Verona is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Remains from Roman times can be found here. On a walk through the city you can suddenly see the remains of Roman columns. To get an overview of Verona, we recommend taking a walk up to the viewpoint “Castel San Pietro”.

Arena di Verona

Verona is called “the little Rome”. The main reason for this is the Arena di Verona, which is an amphitheater and is actually older than Rome’s Colosseum. The arena is over 2000 years old and here the gladiators fought against each other and against animals. Today you can listen to opera under a star-filled sky. Every year, well-known performances such as Tosca, Rigoletto, La Traviata, La Bohème and The Barber of Seville are staged. Arena di Verona is located right in the center, and every summer it has over 14,000 visitors. Here you can see the program for concerts: Arena di Verona. At Piazza Bra you can sit down at one of the restaurants and have an aperitif overlooking the arena.

The world’s most famous balcony

In the early 1000s, serious conflicts could arise between families from Verona. This was rooted in the process of making Verona an independent city, and discussions about merging other cities in the north. This inspired Shakespeare’s famous “Romeo and Juliet”. In the center of Verona you can visit the house with the famous balcony from the play. The house is called “Casa di Giulietta” and is from the 13th century. It is believed that it belonged to the Capello family, ie Juliet’s family. Outside the house is a gold statue of Juliet. It is said that it brings luck your love life if one touches her right breast. The gateway to “Casa di Giulietta” is a favorite place for couples to express their love. The walls are completely covered with hearts and declarations of love. Verona is called the city of love, and these walls are clear evidence of this.

Wall of love at “Casa di Giulietta”

Verona before Christmas

How about getting into the Christmas mood in Verona. Fly with Ryanair from Sandefjord / Torp to Bergamo, and rent a car or take the train to Verona. In November and December you can travel Wednesday to Sunday (or Sunday to Wednesday) by direct flight. You can also fly directly from Gardermoen to Milan, or with KLM from other major cities in Norway. The shops are decorated for Christmas and in the evenings there are Christmas markets. If you want to shop for Christmas gifts, there’s no shortage of shopping opportunities in the main streets.

Christmas tree – Piazza Delle Erbe
Christmas market and mulled wine.
The Arena with Christmas decorations.
Ristorante Torcolo

For those who want to explore the area:


North of Verona is the Valpolicella wine district. Among other things, the popular wine Amarone is produced here. The drive by car from Verona, through Valpolicella, down to Lake Garda and to the town of Bardolinocan is recommended.

Experience Lake Iseo and the Franciacorta wine district

Visit the enchanting lake Iseo and the hilly Franciacorta wine region, located on the shores of the lake. Ascending the Iseo you can see Monte Isola – the largest island in a European lake. Monte Isola has long been on the list of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy. Lake Iseo – or Sebino, as it is also called – is located north of the lush slopes where you will find the Franciacorta wine district. The lake is shaped like an elongated “S”, by the glaciers that once covered the area.

If you come by car from Bergamo and go to Verona, it can be interesting to stop by Francia Corta Outlet.

Nearest airports:

Norwegian flies directly from Gardermoen to Verona. Bergamo, Orio al Serio (117 km), 1 hour and 18 min. with car. Milan, Linate (160 km), 1 hour and 40 min. Milan, Malpensa (200 km), 2 hours and 10 min. Venice (127 km), 1 hour and 22 min.