Romantic Holidays

Traveling as a couple to Tuscany is for many, a romantic experience. If nothing else, it is easy to fall in love with the area. Experience the beautiful landscape, the food and the culture. Visit some of the famous places like Siena, Florence, Montalchino, Chianti. Get to know Lucca. Within the walls of Lucca, there are plenty of exciting places to eat. The city is a melting pot where you will find everything from the biggest fashion houses to the local carpenter. Outside the wall are the La Mora and Butterfly restaurants, both starring in the Michelin guide.

Make discovery trips on your own. Maybe you will find your own gem. There are many small picturesque villages to discover. Maybe it’s just such a place you eat an unforgettably good and affordable meal with the house’s local wine.

Cycling and food courses can be recommended. Visit wineries. If you want to understand more of what is being said around you, a language course may be the thing. Primatoscana can be helpful in recommending different experiences.


Avoid queuing at the famous galleries. Book tickets for Uffizi, Accademia, Bargello and others.


Montalcino, Montepulciano, Bolgheri. Travel to the famous wine regions. At an enoteca you can sample many famous wines from the area.


Lucca is a charming medieval town. The city has a rich cultural life. Here you can find information about various festivals. Maybe there’s an interesting happening during the period you are vacationing there?


Buy Klaus Hagerup’s book “Black Roosters and Wild Pigs”. In 2004, he, Bibbi Børresen and Fredrik Skavlan went on a food and wine trip in Chianti. The book is cheerful reading and inspiring for anyone who wants to discover Chianti.


If you are going to choose one Tuscan medieval town on your holiday, we recommend Siena. The dome of Siena is beautiful and worth a visit. You must also experience a gelato in Piazza del Campo.