Holiday with Friends


Travel to Tuscany with friends and family. How about taking the “cycling club” on a long weekend, or the cycling club on cycling experiences, the wine club on a tasting trip or the group of friends on a cooking course combined with a ski holiday at 1950 masl?

Go to Tuscany in the fall and pick olives together. Primatoscana is helpful in tailoring programs and providing various services in Tuscany.

Cycling club

The cycling club or a group of friends. Workouts or relaxation. In Tuscany you can go cycling all year round. When it’s cold and icy on the roads at home in Norway, it’s great to be able to get on the plane to Tuscany. Bicycles can be rented on site, and we can help arrange services such as transport of bicycles. We can also provide tips on cycling routes. You can rent a bike and gps with built-in routes to the winery, Pisa or elsewhere. If you are on a bike ride, you need food. In Italy, it’s no problem to get enough carbohydrates. They are good at pasta, and it tastes fantastic. The picture is from a bike ride early in the morning in Chianti. The small town is called Radda. It was great to have breakfast after a 4 mile long morning walk. Primatoscana can tailor bike rides for groups. Contact us.

Cooking class

In Tuscany you can learn how to make pasta, home cooking or get gourmet experiences. Tuscans love powerful pure flavors, and the cuisine is simple and uncomplicated with wonderful ingredients. Primatoscana can suggest cooking courses in the Lucca area. For groups from about 5 people and up, we can tailor our own cooking courses with a dinner afterwards.
Contact us for offers.

Visit wineries

Go with friends and taste your way through famous wine areas such as Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulciano or Bolgheri. There are also many good wines in the Lucca area. Try Tenuta di Valgiano or Fubbiano. Also, make the trip to Montecarlo which also has delicious wines. Of course, do not forget the olive oil! Taste your favorite and buy extra virgin olive oil to take home. Lucca is known for its good oils. Italy is the country that produces the most olive oil, and oils from Tuscany and Umbria are considered the best. The olive oil from Liguria (north of Tuscany) also has many followers.

On holiday with friends and children

Rent a place with a garden and the opportunity to gather around shared lunches and dinners in the evening. Once the children have gone to bed, the adults can safely sit in the garden and enjoy some Tuscan wine. Primatoscana has a number of homes where two or more families can stay together. It is both pleasant and economical.

On vacation with grandparents

Several travel on vacation with grandparents. It is nice to rent a house together and it is important to find a place where you can retire when you need to be by yourself. Primatoscana has several large villas with numerous bathrooms, double beds, and large outdoor areas. Rent a spacious car and experience Tuscany together.