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The sporty, active tourist

Many prefer holidays with excursions, activities and varied content. We can arrange this for the active tourist who wants a holiday in Italy or in Tuscany. Several of the places you will find on this page lend bicycles, offer cooking classes, arrange wine tasting and are close to interesting villages. Agriturismo is an exciting experience. An agriturismo is a farm where all or part of the buildings have been converted into holiday homes, and where agriculture is still practiced. Agriculture usually involves the cultivation of grapes or olive trees. If you holiday at these places, you can get a little insight into how the work takes place. Tasting of the products is popular.

Cycling in Italy is fantastic. Try it for yourself and notice how good the motorists are at paying attention to you. Almost everywhere you can find companies that rent out bicycles. Ask the landlord for gps and some nice areas in the immediate area. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a favorite destination. One can e.g. cycle from Lucca to the Leaning Tower.

Although Italy has long beaches, it is tempting to spend a day in a huge water park. Try the water park in Cecina:

We assure high standards

The standard of the accommodation we promote is high. Some places have a restaurant where you get delicious Italian food. Holidays at an agriturismo are a great way to experience Italy.


Agriturismo is an exciting form of accommodation in Italy. Live in the countryside in beautiful and lush surroundings, with the opportunity to get to know Italian culture. Directly translated, agriturismo means farm holiday. The “farmers” who offer their properties to guests usually cultivate grapes and olives. Guests have the opportunity to get to know the farms cultivation of olives and / or grapes, and sample independently produced goods. One can find agriturismo with hotel standards or apartments of very high quality. Some also have a restaurant where you can dine on fabulous locally sourced, traditional Italian cuisine.

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