Holiday Homes in Italy

Primatoscana are experts for holiday homes and apartments in Italy

These days most people want something more than the traditional chartered holiday. Sunbathing by the pool is not enough. You want to experience a different culture, food and maybe also participate in an activity where you use your body and / or mind. Also, many are seeking the untouched and authentic, and not tailor-made resorts with Scandinavian guides and food. Trust us, Italy is not a typical charter country. See our holiday homes in Italy: All Holiday Homes

The benefits of renting a house or apartment are many

You experience so much more during the holidays when you rent an apartment or a house. It is lovely to have space and comfort during your holiday, and not be tied to a hotel room. In Italy we love to live “la dolce vita” and pretend to be Italian. We like to find a local baker, butcher and other specialty shops and prepare meals in our own kitchen. The benefits of renting a house or apartment are many. You have more space, more freedom, kitchen, pool, the opportunity to sit outside in private surroundings during the day and evening, you get closer to the country’s culture and nature, and last but not least it is cheaper than staying in a hotel. Families with 2 to 3 children struggle to find good solutions in hotels. Instead of the family splitting up and renting two rooms in a hotel, an apartment or house is the solution. Primatoscana specializes in just this. In particular, we from Scandinavia want the opportunity to eat meals outdoors on a private terrace, or in the garden. If you travel with children, it’s great to be able to sit outside on warm summer evenings and perhaps enjoy a glass of local wine while the children are asleep.

A new trend that more people travel in groups

Maybe you have something to celebrate, or a desire to rekindle friendships with people you don’t get to see very often in a busy everyday life. Group travels can be for anything from 2 to 12 families, – which is Primatoscana’s record so far. Often such groups prefer private accomodation, without other holiday guests. Some want each family to have their own apartment, others want to live together in a huge villa where each family has its own bathroom. Primatoscana has properties that cover different needs. The largest independent villas can accommodate 25 people. For groups of more than 25 people, we rent out farms or vineyards, divided into apartments. We have farms divided into a total of 5 to 12 apartments, and can accommodate from 30 to 55 people.

Primatoscana offers tips and advice for interesting towns, villages, beaches, vineyards, restaurants, etc., near the holiday home you rent. Our goal is to offer places and experiences you would not have found on your own. Holiday homes in Tuscany and holiday homes in general in Italy are our specialty! We have personally visited all the places presented on this website, we have slept in the beds and we have eaten at the local taverns. We can therefore safely recommend our hand-picked destinations and therefore give our Quality Guarantee.

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