Driving by Car to Italy

Driving to Italy can be both exciting and enjoyable. If you are a family going on holiday to Italy, it can be cheaper to drive a car from Norway compared to the price you pay for direct flights. Especially if you are going on holiday during the summer holidays. It’s very practical to have a car anyway, and you avoid the cost of renting if you have your own car with you. Houses and apartments are mostly rented out from Saturday to Saturday, and it is not always possible to find suitable flights. If you choose to drive, you immediately have more options for accomodations that are available.

You can choose to experience European cities along the way, or drive the shortest route to Italy one or both ways. Regardless, it is a great experience to drive through Europe, and children and adults learn about the countries and Europe.

Depending on where in Norway you live, there are several possible itineraries. Many people living in the east choose to start the trip to Italy by car ferry to Germany. Color Line has a ferry from Oslo that goes to Kiel. You arrive in Kiel early in the morning and can book your first overnight stay in Switzerland. From Switzerland you can arrive to Italy via the Brenner Pass in South Tyrol.


We have talked to some of our customers who have driven to Italy from Norway. Here are their experiences.

Family from Stavanger

We had 3 nights at hotels driving down to Italy and two nights on the way back home. From Stavanger we took the ferry to Hirtshals. Our first night we spent in central Germany. Second overnight stay was at Lake Como in Italy, in order to have a short leg on the last day. Between Milan and Viareggio in Tuscany we stopped by an outlet. On the way home we travelled from the coast of Tuscany (Viareggio) to Milan and had an overnight stay there. One person in the group took a flight home to Norway from Milan for work reasons. The rest of us drove on to Hanover for one more overnight stay, and then on to Hirtshals for the ferry back to Stavanger.

Family from Ski/Akershus

Chose to drive to their holiday in Italy since they were travelling with small children, and wanted to make sure that they had the appropriate, safe car seats for their children. They chose to travel to Kiel via the Gothenburg-Kiel ferry. They drove through Germany and over the mountain pass in Austria. They had an overnight stay in Innsbruck, Austria. The next day they drove straight down into Italy.

Family from Oslo
A wish for experiences along the way was crucial for this family who wanted to drive to Italy. They had four nights on their way to Italy. From Oslo they first drove to Copenhagen and spent one day there. The next nights they had in Dresden in Germany, Basel in Switzerland and Ledro, a mountain area in northern Italy. Their final destination was a holiday home they had rented in Tuscany.
Chose to fly to Munich
A family from Eastern Norway got affordable airline tickets for their family from Oslo to Munich. There they rented a car and drove directly to Italy. They needed no accommodation along the way. The destination was Lucca, and they spent about 8 hours by car. On the way home, they chose an overnight stay in Bolzano in South Tyrol.