Do you need a rental car?

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Book a rental car early for the holidays, and order it online to save money. We have an agreement with Rentalcars, which searches for the best prices at all times among a number of car rental companies. Take advantage of our discounts by ordering via the ad you see next to it. Car rental should always be booked before arrival, and you can save money by booking a rental car well in advance of the holiday. When using Rentalcars, you also get the opportunity to talk to an operator, in most cases in Norwegian.

When booking airline tickets, some companies have pop up offers from car rental companies. Feel free to compare these prices with what you will find in the attached link. You should know that there are often long queues at the counter of the car rental companies that profile themselves through the airlines. After a long journey, and with hungry and tired children, it can be a good idea to spend as little time as possible to pick up a rental car. That’s why it’s a great idea to try the link you find attached. We are often in Italy, and experience that the standard and service are at least as good with the smaller car rental companies as with the larger ones.

Bring water on the car trip, and feel free to lie in the right lane on the highway. Do not worry about someone honking at you. If you drive through a toll road on the way out on the motorway, you must remember to take the ticket that is dispenced on the driver’s side of the car. Keep the ticket until you exit the freeway again. Then the ticket should be put into a similar hatch as the previous one. You can pay with cash or card.

The parking attendants in Italy are eager, and a possible fine will follow you to your mailbox in Norway. If you do not pay, in most cases the car rental company will charge you including extra fees via your credit card. White marked fields indicate free parking. Blue fields it must be paid for. Yellow fields only apply to local drivers with local permissions.