Beautiful Cefalù in Sicily

The taxi driver who picked us up at the train station sang out loud “Che bello Cefalù, dove il mare è semper blu”, and we immediately realized that this will be a good holiday! We arrived in Palermo by boat at 6:00 in the morning, and traveled on to Cefalù by train. On the platform in Cefalù, our new friend stood smiling at the sun. The driver asked if we had eaten breakfast and suggested that he drive us to a piazza. A brilliant idea! Freshly squeezed orange juice, croissant and cappuccino were consumed while the driver waited for us. He seemed to like the break, and we smiled because he obviously knew everyone who sat in the square that morning. He talked and laughed and gestured in the well known Italian way. When we asked him later, he laughed out loud and said, “I’m the mafia boss you know.” – So he had a sense of humour about what we all think about Sicily.

Entrance to the city beach

Facts about Cefalù

North of Sicily lies this beautiful coastal city founded by Greek colonists around 600 BC. The old city center came into being in the Middle Ages. With narrow cobbled streets and old buildings, Cefalù offers what many associate with real Italian atmosphere. For the shopping enthusiast, there are several shops to choose from in terms of shoes, leather goods, clothes, food and drink. You will also find several specialty shops for local produce, ice cream parlors and a number of good restaurants. Cefalù has a 2 km long sandy beach. Here there are both organized beach plots where you pay for renting parasols and sun loungers, but also nice free areas. Along the beaches there is a pleasant boulevard with a number of restaurants, bars and cafes. In the middle of the old center is the impressive cathedral “Duomo Santissimo Salvatore”. At the duomo there is a beautiful piazza with restaurants and a good atmosphere both for lunch and dinner.

Duomo Santissimo Salvatore
Narrow cobbled streets

Mountain walk up to La Rocca

“La Rocca” is the name of the beautiful mountain in Cefalù. It is worth taking the trip up. You get a great view of the city and the sea. Bring water bottles in the heat. You pay a few euros for the trip. At the top you will find ruins from the people who, after the Roman Empire fell, moved there to protect themselves from pirates. The trip up is relatively quick, even uphill. Depending on the pace, it takes from 15 to 25 minutes to reach the top.

Cefalù center seen from the top of La Rocca
On our way up La Rocca

Flying to Cefalù

The closest airport is in Palermo. Check all the flight alternatives on Momondo.

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