10 Places you MUST see in Tuscany

Here you will find tips for places worth seeing on your holiday in Tuscany. Need inspiration to find your dream accomodation in Tuscany? Here you can take a look at our selection of holiday homes and apartments in Tuscany. Also take a look at our most sustainable holiday choices.

1. Florence

The cradle of the Renaissance. A must, but best to visit during spring or autumn. Read more about Florence.

2. Lucca

Feriehus i Italia : lucca, den vakreste byen i Toscana : Primatoscana

Beautiful, old town surrounded by an impressive city wall. Lucca offers narrow cobbled streets, beautiful piazzas and a number of cozy specialty shops. The center has little traffic, which makes it easy and peaceful to walk around the streets, and enjoy “la bella vita”. Read more about Lucca.

3. Siena

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The most beautiful city in Tuscany. Siena is rough, vibrant and intimate. Everything at once. Old Siena city is car free! Read more about Siena.

4. Chianti

Il Sogno, feriehus i Italia : Primatoscana

Tuscany’s most important wine district. Drive along the famous SR 222 road that runs between Florence and Siena. The road winds its way through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Along this route are several charming villages and vineyards. See our holiday homes in Chianti.

5. Cinque Terre

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Actually located on the Ligurian coast, but a great idea to include as many want a day trip to the Cinque Terre when they are on holiday in Tuscany. The 5 cities lie like patches of color, sandwiched between steep mountain slopes and in small coves, right down into the azure Mediterranean waters. Here you can walk along a coastal path from town to town. Read more about Cique Terre.

6. San Gimignano

Feriehus i Italia : Kort om Midt-Italia, bilde er fra San Gimignano : Primatoscana

Known for its numerous tall towers. In San Gimignano, the world’s best ice cream (gelato) is sold in Piazza della Cisterna. Read more about San Gimignano.

7. Volterra

Cozy medieval town towering high on a mountain top. The city was used as a backdrop for the filming of the movie Twilight. Do not be surprised if you pass the occasional cyclist on your way up to Volterra. Cycling is popular in this area and the slopes up to Volterra are a good test of strength and endurance. From the city there are great views over beautiful Tuscan countryside. Inside the city center, it is relaxing to stroll around and maybe sit down for a meal at one of the city’s cafes or restaurants.

8. The Versilia Coast

You will find beaches with clearer water in Tuscany, but the Versilia coast is well organized with nice beach plots where you are well taken care of. Here it is easy and enjoy lazy days at the beach. Clean public facilities, the opportunity to take a shower, and often playgrounds for the kids. Along the boulevard there is a relaxed vibe at bars and restaurants. Viareggio has many shops for those that love purchasing fashion to bring home. Read more about versilia-kysten.

9. Montalcino

Montalcino is known for its Brunello wines. Food and wine are the focus in this charming little town with stunning views. On the way to Montalcino you drive through an area called “crete senesi”, “Siena’s camp”. A breathtaking landscape as you have never seen before!

10. Pisa

Borgo Puccini, feriehus i Italia : Primatoscana

It’s quite an experience to see the Leaning Tower, and one is amazed at how crooked it actually is. In the 12th century, the tower was seen as a failure, but it has become one of Italy’s biggest tourist attractions. The tower is located on “Piazza dei Miracoli”.