Villas in Italy

Primatoscana has a large selection of villas & holiday homes in Italy

We have personally visited and carefully selected all the villas offered on this website. If you rent a villa in Italy through Primatoscana, we give our quality guarantee, and you can feel confident that you are renting a villa that satisfies Norwegian requirements and standards. The type of services offered in the different villas vary. Some villas are air conditioned and others are not. On this website you will find information on what each villa offers with regard to different services offered. When you are on the page of a specific villa, choose service from the menu. We have given our villas stars from one to five. This the guide for our overall rating of the villa.

The criteria we follow when choosing our villas:

  • Pool area.
    • All our villas have pools. The pool must be of good quality and cleaned regularly. Outdoor furniture must be available for the number of people for which the villa is intended. The outdoor furniture must be of good quality.
  • General standard.
    • Standards that satisfy Norwegian requirements. We look at both the building’s condition and the interior environment and design. The bathrooms have to be modern and the kitchen functional.
  • Outdoor Areas.
    • Well-kept and nice outdoor areas, and separate area for outdoor meals with outdoor furniture.
  • Location.
    • The villa must be centrally located in relation to famous and interesting cities, and not far from airports. There should not be much traffic in the area, and nice views from the villa are preferred. For example, we do not want to take in a villa with a view of a factory or a heavily trafficked road.
  • Host on site.
    • At our villas you often meet the owner, or an English speaking host who is responsible for check-in and check-out. This will be your contact person during your stay. You can expect to get good advice and tips about the local area.
  • Serious and reliable owners
    • Hosts must have emphasis on guest satisfaction, and take good care of their properties. They are, after all, in the service industry.

Attractive villas with a pool and large outdoor areas

Although our villas are centrally located, a rental car is recommended. Primatoscana provides thorough directions to the villas for rent. In addition, as mentioned, we have a contact person on site, and Primatoscana is available if you need any help. There are few villas within walking distance of the local village. The villas with pool and large outdoor areas are located rurally approximately 2 to 5 km from the village and shops. We provide tips and advice on places to see and things to do in the area the villa is located.

Renting a villa in Italy

If you rent a villa in Italy with us, you will not get Norwegian meatballs, a battle for sunbeds in the morning, the noise from the neighbor in the room next door or Scandinavian entertainment in the evenings. On the other hand, we can guarantee:

  • You get the pool to yourself
  • The garden smells of lavender and you can pick fresh herbs
  • You can make your favorite breakfast in your own kitchen
  • Children can play without worrying that they are disturbing other guests
  • The world’s best ice cream, pasta and pizza
  • Lovely warm summer evenings with fireflies flitting in the bushes and crickets chirping
  • The sound of church bells in the distance and a small Fiat honking
  • The sound of lively Italian talk and the smell of hot croissants

Italy is not typical charter country. Our guests often stay together, but then with friends or family in a villa where they have the place for themselves.

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