Tips for Flights to Italy

Tips for finding and booking flights to Italy!

The most relevant airports for those traveling from Norway to Tuscany are Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Bergamo, Milan and Venice. There are direct flights, but there are also a number of flights with a stopover. KLM, SAS and Lufthansa have flights from Torp, Gardermoen and other major airports in Norway to Pisa, Florence and Bologna. These include a stopover, but the prices can be lower and arrival / departure in Italy is often at a better time of day. Many have probably experienced annoyance over a direct flight with return from Italy at 6:15 in the morning. For many in Eastern Norway, it can be a favorable alternative to check prices with Ryanair from Rygge to Bergamo. For families, it can be several thousand kroner to save on flying to Bergamo compared to, for example, Pisa. From Bergamo to, for example, Lucca / Tuscany, it’s about 3 hours by car. Compare different flights at Momondo.

Most holiday homes in Italy are rented out Saturday-Saturday. Therefore, flight tickets on Saturdays sell out fast. If you fly other days than Saturdays, the flight can be cheaper! If you rented a holiday home from Saturday to Saturday, it is an idea to check the air fares on Friday and Sunday. You can save thousands by doing this. With an extra day in Italy, use the opportunity to visit exciting cities such as Verona, Florence, Venice or Rome. Or how about staying one day near the Cinque Terre, somewhere else on the coast or in the lovely center of Lucca? If you are lucky, the difference in air fares will cover a few extra days in Italy.

Many combine Italy with a few days stay in another country. Ryanair (or other airlines) can fly you cheaply from an airport in Italy to another European city. Spend a few nights, then fly to Norway and an airport near where you live. It is relatively inexpensive to fly domestically in Italy. For example, you can holiday for a week on the mainland of Tuscany, and take Ryanair from Pisa to Sardinia. For some, it may be appropriate to fly from Gothenburg to Italy. For example, Ryanair flies directly from Gothenburg to Pisa. One possibility is also to fly directly to Nice and then drive to Italy. Others fly to Munich, and enjoy a trip across the Alps before traveling to Italy.

Driving to Italy can be both exciting and enjoyable. If you are a family going on holiday to Italy, it can be a more reasonable option to drive a car from Norway compared to the prices for direct flights. Read more about guests’ experiences driving to Italy.


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From Gardermoen:

Norwegian: Pisa, Verona, Milano, Roma, Venice, Sardinia

SAS: Bologna, Pisa (summer route), Milano, Roma.


Ryanair: Milano/Bergamo: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – Spring, Summer and Autumn (Wednesdays and Sundays during low season).

Most relevant airports in Italy to the area around Lucca: Pisa, Florence, Bologna and Bergamo / Milan.


To relevant cities: Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Milan, Venice and Rome.


SAS, KLM og Widerøe


Lufthansa, Swiss, KLM, SAS, Air France, Alitalia


Norwegian, SAS, KLM


Norwegian, SAS, KLM


Norwegian, SAS,KLM


From Pisa to Lucca – 27 minutes by car / 26 km.

From Pisa to Liguria Coast (la Spezia) – 54 minutes by car / 84 km.

From Lucca to Roma Fiumincino – 3 hours 26 minutes by car / 355 km

From Milano Linate and Malpensa to Lucca – Linate: 2 hrs 37 min/274 km. Malpensa: 3 hrs 11 min by car / 328 km.

From Bergamo to Lucca – 3 hours / 314 km.

From Bologna to Lucca – 1 hr 35 min by car / 154 km.

From Venice to Lucca – 3 hrs 3 min by car / 312 km.

From Milano/Linate Airport to Liguria Coast: 2 hrs 13 min by car / 221 km.

From Milano/Malpensa Airport to Liguria Coast: 2 hrs 47 min by car / 275 km.


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